Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair?

Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair?

Hey Girls, i’m pretty sure that many of us have already asked themselves this question; what’s the difference? We love hair extensions, but sometimes when you don’t know what type of hair you should buy, not everyone is an expert! Me the first! But starting this business, helped me to better understand the difference, obviously i’m still learning, but i think it would be a good idea to share this topic with you…

We got Indian raw hair body wave, this hair comes from a donor in India, and remains tangle-free with aligned cuticles. You can dye this type of hair, or bleach it. The hair will last up to 3 years if you take care of it.

  • Virgin Hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, also collected from a single donor, no bleach, no harsh washes, no colour. You will be able to notice if the hair has been colored or not by looking at it. You can style it easily. Because there is some changes in the hair industry, you can get hair that is steamed as virgin hair (steaming is a method that gives your hair exotic styles. Virgin hair are the most popular hair used, there are 3 kinds of hair:

– Peruvian hair is thick and durable

– Brazilian hair is light, and silky; mostly used in West Africa

– Malaysian hair is soft, silky and heavier

These hair types are not coming automatically from the countries they are named after. The names used is based on the hair structure.

To resume, Virgin hair is steamed to achieve different textures, raw hair has no alterations. Raw hair is virgin hair, but not all virgin hair are raw hair. When it comes to choose, it depends on what you want, the hairstyle, what you fancy at the purchase time. Raw hair can be limited and more expensive due to their better quality. Virgin hair can be expensive, but you can find bundles deals. The good point is they come in a variety of textures compared to Raw hair. No matter what hair type you choose, it’s always an investment, therefore the maintenance is important. The more you take care of your hair extension the more it will last. We will share best tips for hair extension care soon. You see it’s purely based on you personal choice.

So check our website, you will always find a good deal. Trust our extensions they will add a natural effect to your weaves..


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